Some Great Internet Tech. Books

This is a fun group of books that attracted my attention because they discuss little understood Internet technology issues.


Have you ever wondered about how spammers make money.  Do spammers really make money?

What motivates a spammer and how did they get in the spam business.

This book examines the stores behind some of the biggest spammers on the web in an easy to read non technical format.

Recommendation: If your curious about spam a must buy.


We've all heard about how terrorists might use the internet to attack our society.

You also probably wonder is the threat overblown or is it a real possibility.

This book is written somewhat like a novel, but with technical backdrop.

It's even a better book if you understand the technology behind the story.

Recommendation: Great interesting read.


We've all used Google to search the web.

However, most of the data available is not indexed by search engines.  So how can we access this "Invisible Web".

This book shows you how to access and use the massive amounts of data not indexed by search engines.

Recommendation: Great book about a little understood subject.


This book takes you to the strange side of the Internet.   By strange I don't mean the porn side of the internet.  My strange I mean the "National Enquirer" side of the internet.

This book shows you some of the stranger web sites on the Internet. Such as a site that recruits for UK's stranger government agencies (MI5, Antarctic Architects, etc.).  Or how about The Church of the SubGenius at

Recommendation: If you want to explore the odd and strange side of the Internet this is the book for you.


Most of us use Programming Patterns all the time.  Most of us don't realize that we are using Patterns.

This book is a very technical advanced book about Design Patterns.

This is a very well written book about this little know subject.  Programming examples are given in Java and C#.

I'll warn you this is a technically dense book a very slow read that takes lot's of study.

Recommendation: Absolutely buy if your brave.


We have all been told how easy it is to be spied on while using the Internet.

Of course no one actually tells us how to spy on someone using the Internet or computer technology.

This book talks about the technology of computer spying.  It gives the technical "how-to" details.  As well as the preventive techniques to stop someone from spying on you.

This is the book comes the closest I've seen to a how-to for computer hackers.

Recommendation: Great book for learning about computer/internet spying techniques.


This is an advanced book about Web Application development.

It doesn't focus on a particular technology though it does discuss specific tools for specific jobs. 

Some great material can be found about map and graphic presentation in a Web environment.

Lots of time is spent talking about various ways to present data for analysis applications, such as "bubble charts".

Recommendation: Excellent though heavy book for advanced web application developers.


Everyone searches for data on the Internet.  What about automated data retrieval.  Search sites such as Google use special program called "spiders" to index Internet data.

This book shows you how to deploy spiders to find the information you want and need.

The book explains the tools and techniques to build a database of Internet data.  It also shows you how to safely share data on the internet.

Recommendation: Great book for the technically inclined.


We all use Google, but how about taking our Googling to the next level. 

This book gives you an advanced discussion of Google searching.

Unknown to many people is the Google API.  Google has made available an entire interface that your web site can use to search and use Google Tools to your own benefit.

This book also discusses how Google ranks pages, which is something unknown to most of us.

Recommendation: Great book to get inside Google.