This group of books I can recommend for anyone who is learning or working with ASP.NET   Some of them I've shown in class others I have in my library.


This book is a book of complete projects.

The 10 projects are:

  1. Address Book
  2. Contact Manager
  3. Calendar
  4. Web Log Analyzer
  5. Error Manager
  6. Online Store
  7. Team Collaboration System
  8. Team Discussion Boards
  9. Team File Share System
  10. Team Project Tracking

The projects are all in VB.NET and just working through a few of them will teach a great deal about ASP.NET

Recommendation: An interesting book if you intend to do one or more projects.


This is a about ASP.NET presented in the format of complete applications, components and modules.

The applications are ready to use in C# code and could be used by any ASP.NET developer.

One very interesting application is SpeechVB application that allows you to Speech Enable an ASP.NET application.

Recommendation: Interesting useful book.


No one needs to reinvent the wheel.  This is a book full of all shapes and sizes of ASP.NET wheels.

For example "Rendering Images to a Data Grid" or "Performing a DNS Lookup" with the code to accomplish the task.

Virtually everything you might want to do and some you would be afraid to try are covered in this well documented code heavy book.

All the examples are in VB.NET but C# code is available on the companion web site.

Recommendation: A must own for any ASP.NET coder.


This is a comprehensive book on ASP.NET security.

Not just a book about security, but a book about how security can fail, and how you can prevent a security failure on your ASP.NET applications.

An excellent discussion of how to secure XML is presented as an appendix

Recommendation: An important book if you care about security.