Dot Net Nuke

These are the only two books that I can find that are about Dot Net Nuke.  Dot Net Nuke is the .NET tool used to build this site.


I think this is the best book on Dot Net Nuke.  I've found this book to be indispensable in building this web site. 

It covers the all the important aspects of using DNN.

  • What is DNN
  • How to install Dot Net Nuke
  • How to use Dot Net Nuke
  • DNN Architecture
  • DNN Tools
  • Creating Modules and Skins
  • How to deploy DNN into production

Recommendation: Absolutely Buy


This books primary author is Shaun Walker the inventor of Dot Net Nuke. 

The book covers the history and purposes of DNN and provides all the technical details of how DNN works and why it works the way it does.

I was disappointed since it is more of a technical discussion of Dot Net Nuke rather than a "how to" on DNN.

It's an excellent advanced discussion of DNN, but not very useful when it comes to first setting up and using DNN.

Recommendation: Great book once you have some DNN experience.