Course 514 - Windows Workflow Foundation

This group of books I can recommend for anyone who is going to be developing a an application using Windows Workflow Foundation Technology.  Some of them I've shown in class others I have in my library.


This books is probably the best companion book to Course 514.

The book is basically a WF tutorial presented in 17 chapters.

Each chapter builds upon the previous one.  The material is organized so you don't have to jump around the book to understand a concept or technology.

Since the chapters build upon each other the best approach to reading the book is to read each chapter, then move on to the next. 

Recommendation: Buy if you'd like a further discussion of the course issues.


While a thin book it covers the concepts and programming of Windows Workflow.

The code examples are in C# as are virtually all the current crop of WF books.

The book will cover development of both Windows and ASP.NET applications as clients of Windows Workflows. 

Recommendation: Great book for to reinforce what was taught in class.


I've found the "Essential" book series to be excellent.  This book is no exception.

Windows Workflow brings to a major platform the concepts and technology to develop what up to this point has been a custom or proprietary technology that of Work Flow.

This book focuses on the fundamental concepts around which Microsoft has built WF.  The book disregards the outer layers of WF to focus on the essence - the core programming model and runtime feature set.  This allows us to become proficient WF developers.  


Recommendation: Everyone probably needs this book.


I'm a fan of the Step by Step books.

These books and this one is no exception provide an excellent way to learn or cover again in a structured course style structure a Microsoft technology or product.

This book of course covers the new Windows Workflow technology.  You've completed the class and this will provide a second way to explore WF.

This book is C# based, but almost anyone completing the 514 course should be able to understand and complete the assignments in the course. 

Recommendation: Excellent book if you would like to try your hand at some additional projects.