Course 513 - Windows Communication Foundation

This group of books I can recommend for anyone who is going to be developing a an application using Windows Communication Foundation Technology.  Some of them I've shown in class others I have in my library.


This books is probably the best companion book to Course companion book to Course 513.

The book is basically a WCF tutorial presented in 8chapters.

The level of presentation is basically the same as the course. 

The code is all in C#, but that should not discourage VB developers.

Since the chapters build upon each other the best approach to reading the book is to read each chapter, then move on to the next. 

Recommendation: Buy if you'd like a further discussion of the course issues.


This books is an excellent nuts & bolts discussion of WCF.

The code examples are in C# as are virtually all the current crop of WCF books.

If you want a very detailed discussion of course 513 topics this books is for you.

Recommendation: Great book for to reinforce what was taught in class.