Course 512 - Developing ASP.NET Web Applications

This group of books I can recommend for anyone who is going to be developing a web site using ASP.NET.  Some of them I've shown in class others I have in my library.


This books is probably the best companion book to Course 512.

The coverage of  ASP.NET is basically at the same level as Course 512, but also expands on the class discussion.

In the class we don't spend a lot of time on E-Commerce or Web Services this book as whole chapters on these subject.  A very useful addition that we just don't have time in class to cover.

If you want a book that builds on your Course 512 experience this is the book.

Recommendation: Buy if you'd like a further discussion of the course issues.


This book is a complete reference to virtually all the technologies and subjects necessary to build ASP.NET 2.0 web sites.

You will find complete reference to ASP.NET, HTML, C#, VB.NET, Database Programming, and various advanced topics.

Great book is you want one book on your desk that will give you quick access to many questions you will ask when developing ASP.NET web sites.

I find regular use for this book 

Recommendation: Absolutely buy for a complete reference


This course is taught at an introductory level.  We assume you have no knowledge of ASP.NET.

Once you finish the course you may want something at a more advanced level.  This book is a next level book.  The material in this book is at the level of ASP.NET that you would experience in the follow on course to this one (Course 506).

Great book by Alex Homer on of the true masters of ASP.NET 

Recommendation: Everyone probably needs this book.

In the class you had an opportunity to build a nice CRM application and try out most of the features of ASP.NET.

Sometimes I find students who would like to try out some additional projects often to build confidence.

This book has a group of fun useful projects with code that you can try and modify satisfy your desire to create some additional ASP.NET applications.

Projects include Online Diary and Organizer, File Share Application,  Survey Engine, Photo Album, E-Commerce Site and much more

Recommendation: Excellent book if you would like to try your hand at some additional projects.