Course 508 - XML Web Services

This group of books I can recommend for anyone who is going to be developing a Web Services.  Some of them I've shown in class others I have in my library.


Books that deal just with Web Services are becoming less and less common.  Especially as Web Services becomes part of the greater subject called "Web 2.0".

This book has an excellent coverage of Web Services, RSS, Ajax and other subjects that are collectively called "Web 2.0"

You can't go wrong with this book.

Recommendation: Absolutely Buy


This book has a comprehensive presentation of RSS.

If your site is going to use RSS this is a must have book to truly understand RSS, how it works and how to apply it to your problems.

Recommendation: You need this book.


While not specifically about ASP.NET based web services this book talks about Web Services using Google and Amazon an example of public Web Service providers.

Since we showed you the usage of Google and Amazon in class and provided the code to access these important web services you will find this book has a familiar ring to you.

There is no .NET in this book at all, but that's OK since Web Services are all about standards and interoperability. 

In course 508 you learned about .NET Web Services this book will give you a wider perspective on the subject of Web Services.

Recommendation: Excellent book to build your Web Service knowledge base.


There is an alternative to ASP.NET Web Services.  That alternative is called .NET Remoting.  Remoting is a proprietary binary communications infrastructure.

Remoting is basically the .NET equivalent to DCOM.  It is a Microsoft to Microsoft communications system.

While in class we don't talk about remoting this book will give you the knowledge you need, if you need to explore this alternative to implementing distributed functionality.

Recommendation: Absolutely buy for Remoting information