Course 489 - JavaScript Web Development

This group of books I can recommend for anyone who is learning JavaScript or developing web pages using JavaScript.  Some of them I've shown in class others I have in my library.


Anything and everything you need to know about JavaScript is found in this book. 

This is not a book for someone who doesn't understand JavaScript, but an excellent book to use as a reference for all those little things you need to lookup.  After attending Course 489 you will find this book useful and necessary to answer those questions that couldn't be answered in 4 days.

Be sure you buy the latest edition.  This book is continually updated as new versions of  JavaScript appear.

Recommendation: Absolutely Buy


As you gain experience with JavaScript eventually you will want to use DHTML to make your pages more useful.

The material in this book is an excellent complement to Course 489.  It will give you the details of DHTML. 

This book has one of the most comprehensive discussions of CSS that I've ever seen. 

It also has a complete reference for HTML tags and how to apply them in a DHTML coding context.

Recommendation: When you Start Coding DHTML you need this book

Modern web pages make heavy use of JavaScript.  Most coding books don't explore the truly advanced usage of JavaScript, CSS and DOM.  This book fills that knowledge gap.

The latest and greatest feature of JavaScript is AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)  that allows for more dynamic server data access from JavaScript on the client side.  This is the first book I've seen that provides a detailed discussion of the origins of AJAX and how to apply AJAX to your pages.

The code examples are excellent and well worth working through, and they all actually work.

Recommendation: A great book to learn Advanced Modern JavaScript.


This book is one of those books that will save you a huge amount of time. It provides answers to all those little JavaScript questions that you actually know the answer to, but don't remember the exact answer.

This book is an excellent companion to Course 489.  All the things we cover in the course are explained with code in this book.

Recommendation: A great book to give you information on standard JavaScript issues.

If you want to see and learn how do build those very fancy web sites this is the books for you.  This book shows all the code and tells the why of the techniques that the author presents.

The author uses all these techniques at his web site  A visit to this site will show you what can be done with really advanced DHTML.

Recommendation: Excellent book with super code and pictures.