Course 470 - Developing a Web Site

This group of books I can recommend for anyone who is going to be developing a web site.  Some of them I've shown in class others I have in my library.


This book absolutely lives up to its name.  It answers all those nagging questions that come up when you are trying to launch your web site and make it a success.

  • How do I make my site a success.
  • How can I increase traffic flow.
  • How do I speed up my site.
  • How can I boost my search engine rank.
  • How do I make my site more usable.
  • How do I fix a broken site.

A great feature of this book is its set of check lists so that you can quickly see what you've done and what needs doing. 

Recommendation: Absolutely Buy


As a programmer my major challenge, in web site development, is the graphical presentation.

The material in this book is an excellent complement to Course 470.  It will give you ideas and teach the right and wrong things that you can do in web site development.

Their are many technical details about how to apply for a URL and find a Hosting company that are useful for the first time web site developer.

Recommendation: Excellent Book for Design Information

A major reason for Web Site failure is not understanding how users will use your site.  If you've ever fumbled around a site trying to find something you've experienced the problem that this books attempts to solve.

By following this book's advice you will hopefully build an intuitive easy to use Web Site.  That doesn't confuse the user.  A great feature of this book is lots of pictures showing in actual practice the principles discussed.

This book is only 185 pages.  If you read it and heed it you won't be sorry.

Recommendation: Everyone probably needs this book.

In class we gave you an HTML book which I think is OK.  This book assumes you know HTML which you now do, then goes beyond to show you the best practices in coding HTML.

Getting from knowing how to code and writing the best code is simply an issue of experience.  This book can help you short cut the time required to gain the experience at building great web pages.

Recommendation: New HTML coders need this book.

In class we taught you HTML, however building a web site takes more than just HTML skill.

Another major skill is graphic design.  This is a new book which I think is super for page and site design.

I'll also mention that sitepoint has become a major publisher of web books.  In fact I'd have to say they have become one of my favorite publishers.

Recommendation: Anyone designing a web site needs this book.

If you can get over the Dummies in the title this is an excellent single source book of web site development information.

Many of us can only afford or only want to buy a single book.  This book fills the need for a single tell me everything book..

Recommendation: Great book as a single point of reference